Sherpany Boardroom on Web, iPhone, iPad and Windows PC.

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Sherpany Boardroom

Made for those who lead



A two-way authentication log-in process

VIP onboarding and support 

on-site and off-site

Online preparation of meetings and access to documents

Library for corporate and private* documents

Offline preparation of meetings and access to documents

Touch ID option

E-banking standards ISO 27001 and ISAE 3000

Consolidated timeline for simultaneous access to all mandates

Annotation features while on the move and/or offline

How to access it

Any computer (PC, MacBook) or mobile device (tablet / phone)

Any computer or tablet running on Windows 10

Where to use the App 

Any iPhone (running on iOS 9.3 or higher)

*Available upon request.

Any iPad (running on (iOS 9.3 or higher)