Digital Solidarity

In light of current events and social distancing measures put in place by various European governments, a need for tools that allow companies to continue cooperating despite working remotely has arisen. 

We at Sherpany are currently working from home and using our meeting management platform to maintain a high level of productivity despite the difficult circumstances. We believe others can also benefit from using Sherpany, and have thus made it available to all leadership teams without requiring a contract.

Sherpany is a platform tailored to help boards, committees and leadership teams take decisions and cooperate remotely with built-in features and tools that will make you feel as though you're all sitting in the same conference room.

With Sherpany, you can:

- Vote on decisions prior to a meeting taking place

- Access all your data and documents in one place whether you're online, offline, or working remotely

- Assign tasks easily and generate smart meeting minutes

- Ensure GDPR and FINMA compliance while benefitting from the highest levels of security 

To provide access to those in need as quickly as possible, we have decided to forego the need for a contract up-front and simply require interested parties to fill the form on this page to get in contact with us.

When you have filled this form, one of our meeting experts will reach out to you, will give you an overview whenever is most convenient for you and will have your team set-up and ready to go within one hour.

In 3 months, when the crisis is hopefully over, you’ll decide if and how much you can compensate us for our service during these 3 months.

Lastly, we are sharing a letter from our CEO, Tobias Häckermann, which should hopefully help provide more context on how Sherpany hopes to give back during this difficult time.

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