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Meetings are a powerful leadership tool and have undeniable advantages for organisations worldwide. With the Sherpany meeting management software, executives, board members, corporate secretaries an directors increase productivity and turn meetings from time wasters into value creators.

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The Sherpany meeting management software allows your leadership teams to gain more focus on the output - before, during and after meetings. Intuitive and elegant, the tool is easily adopted by your executives, board members, corporate secretaries and directors - and facilitates the creation, organisation and preparation of their meetings.

Your data is protected with the highest standards of security and is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as to the strict Swiss Data Protection Regulation. For your daily challenges, you will have at your disposal an entire team available 24/7/365 and support in 7 languages (En, Fr, De, It, Pt, Ru & Es).

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Get time back

Your time is precious and it should be used for getting things done and taking better decisions. Sherpany’s leadership meeting software allows you to simplify the organisation and consultation of a high volume of complex information, streamline your meeting process to regain time and to focus mainly on achieving your results.

Reliable and secure

Your data security is our priority. Sherpany users data is fully protected and subject to the highest international data protection standards. We solve your challenge of protecting your most sensitive data from any location and across all devices, both online and offline.

Simplification and automation

All your leadership meeting attendees can be prepared easily with a few clicks. You can automate your corporate meeting processes for a better compliance, risk minimisation, and cost efficiency.

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Why do leadership team members trust Sherpany?

  • “Useful in any respect - our experience with Sherpany Boardroom is excellent.”

    • Andreas Schmid
    • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zürich Airport, Helvetica Capital, and Holding AG
  • “A noticeable increase in efficiency of preparation and conduction of meetings.”

    • Peter Quadri
    • Member of multiple boards and IBM Switzerland former CEO
  • “This is how all meetings should be: structured, time-saving and efficient.”

    • Rolf Watter
    • Partner Bär & Karrer AG, chairman and member of multiple boards

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